Thank you for …

Plovdiv at night


… for the opportunity to come and get to know such a beautiful and unique city and country.  Did you know, for example, that Plovdiv is the oldest continuously inhabited city in Europe and the 6th in the world? We certainly did not. That is really something. So many wonderful things must have happened here… We at MicroStep Invest believe that if we want Bulgarian companies to know about our solutions, it is important for us to know about Bulgaria as a whole and uncover our solutions through the layers of history that you have experienced as a country. From the Slavic era, through the Roman era, to the ancient Odrysian kingdom. We will tell you our MicroStep Invest story and uncover layers, this time of our technological solutions. From the Company itself, through our VARIOSTEP product line, all the way to our amazing application that saves the nowadays so greatly needed energy.

Technical Fair Plovdiv 2022

We are the best…

Orthodox Rila Monastery


…at what we do, which is intelligent and secure solutions in the field of energy and information systems. That’s where we are in our element. We are a Slovak company with a transparent ownership structure operating in Central Europe. We are in TOP form. In previous years, we ranked among Technology Fast 50 in Central Europe and also among Technology Fast 500 in all of Europe in the Deloitte evaluation. For our services, the information security management system is a matter of course. In all our activities, we do not forget about environmental impacts. We have therefore built a quality and environmental management system in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards. We focus on data analysis, machine learning, smart grids and Industry 4.0. That is just to introduce our Company. Come in and learn about our solutions.

I would like to get to know you even better

By the way, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so how about an 8-minute video :). We know, we said 5 minutes of reading but this is something you should watch. If you do not want to watch the video, that’s OK, we don’t blame you. The video is in Slovak only. We didn’t have the time to adapt it 🙁 Time is money and thanks to our solutions, we help you save money, so keep scrolling.

We save energy…

Ancient theatre in Plovdiv (then known as Philippopolis)


…costs by monitoring energy flow and applying automated optimization. VARIOSTEP is a product line for energy management. Applications and modules of the VARIOSTEP product line are designed for deployment in industrial settings. The VARIOSTEP solution consists of applications, devices and complex systems built for individual functions. The VARIOSTEP solution offers scalable SW and modular HW suitable for data collection, monitoring and control of energy management.

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We have a solution for…

Gold mask of King Teres I. in the Valley of the Thracian Rulers


…entities of local authorities, commercial and industrial sites, sports complexes and indeed everyone who wants to save on energy costs. Our solution that is worth its weight in gold to you is our VARIOSTEP EDGE application. It is a technological and information system for distribution network management combining features of dispatching and handling of customer business processes for overall energy management. Variostep EDGE is designed for smaller local systems (local distribution systems), energy communities, municipalities, etc. It provides the collection and storage of data into 15 minute profiles or larger data granularity with the option of predictions and other user data analytics. The system also offers mass servicing of end consumers, including the preparation of data for invoicing and reporting. The system is ready for flexibility introduction and its development responds to changes in the energy market…

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We are connected…

The Danube in Bratislava against the background of the SNP Bridge and Bratislava Castle


… not only by the Danube. Yes, the Danube really flows through Slovakia, even through our Bratislava (where we are based). Although the Danube offers the possibility of sailing all the way to Bulgaria, we have not yet used this form of connection  On our way here from Bratislava, we have covered exactly 1,121 km which is not negligible but if you want to start building new connections, you should take every opportunity to do so. There are certainly more connections between our countries. We at MicroStep Invest, however, would like to be the link between you and energy optimization. We know that we know it. We know the proven processes and the best solutions. Give a chance to better savings and come even lower to our contacts at this Fair and let’s create the future together.

Smart, safety, solution and success

5 ways…

Business Development Manager

5 ways…

Business Development Manager


… to connect with us at MicroStep Invest apart from sailing the above mentioned Danube  Of course, as IT specialists, we have all the modern communication tools but let’s be honest, not all the tools offer the same quality, especially if you need to have your issues addressed immediately. We prefer to communicate in person, face to face, and the Fair offers a great opportunity to do just that; however, if for whatever reason you miss us, do not hesitate to use any of the channels listed below.

Connect with us

Pigeon post

An interesting and romantic option, but we do recommend using more practical forms of communication.

Snail Mail

With all due respect to the Bulgarian and Slovakian post office, this is not the best way, either.


Give us the reason to make our newly created email address meaningful. Email us at


We would love for you to call us:
Mr. Ballon +421 907 842 386
Mr. Kyselica +421 918 667 970

We’re waiting

for you at our booth at the Technical Fair in Plovdiv. You can find us in Pavilion 7, booth H1. (in short 7H1).

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How much…

Our founder is not Bill


will our solution cost you? First of all, let’s make it clear that we have nothing to do with Microsoft. They will be turning 50 soon, whereas we are in our top form, just before turning 30. We do not pay thousands of employees in capitals all over the world, we do not buy start-ups that could threaten us, nor do we need to allocate huge amounts of funds to newly created corporate departments that have nothing to do with our business or to PR to hide our mistakes. What does that mean? It means we are affordable but you will need to see for yourself. Ask our colleagues directly on site or arrange a meeting.

I would like to know the price

Detailed information…

Solution individualization


…will be provided by our informed managers. Just to get you started, VarioStep Edge is a special web application designed for energy control and management in industrial settings, in local distribution systems or municipalities. It allows for point of consumption flexibility management and data collection from meters and their recording in time series. The solution includes data concentrators with integrated pulse coder function which allow for passing the values to the concentrator layers. Modules allow for communication via local interface with galvanic isolation optional RS232, RS485, RS422, CL20mA or optics. The system synthesizes the functions of dispatching with handling of business processes for end customers for overall energy management.

What else should you know?

Our keywords

Transparency, flexibility, SMART, professionalism, photovoltaics, teamwork, renewable energy sources, electromobility, automation, security, municipality, connectivity, future a diligence.


The XENERGIE solution is a modular work platform for energy market participants. The XENERGIE solution integrates both commodity and non-commodity products…

Who are we looking for here

Partners who are medium-sized energy consumers and see the future of their company, local government or industrial park in optimized energy management.

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You have reached the end…

The photobank employee thanks you


…or almost. If you are reading these lines, then you have given us the promised 5 minutes of your time, for which we are truly grateful to you. Without letting us know about you, however, we cannot thank you in person, for example by inviting you for a glass of good wine. Let that be one of the reasons for you to get in touch with us by using the contacts above. With the exception of the pigeon. It would take the poor guy more than 1,000 km to fly to Bratislava and our offices are air conditioned, it might have to keep knocking on our window. Email us, call us or just stop by at our booth and we can discuss everything in detail.

We are not sure how well you know Slovakia but we do know that you can never have enough of interesting factual reading and just in case we have bored you so far, we believe the following fun facts can make up for it. All the best.

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When it comes to football, we are jealous of you because of 1994, but it seems that otherwise we are quite even in football. We met 7 times with the results, from our point of view, being 0:0 (1996), 1:0 (1997), 0:2 (1999), 2:0 (1999), 0:1 (2000), 3:1 (2006) and 1:1 (2021).

When it comes to football, we are jealous of you because of 1994, but it seems that otherwise we are quite even in football. We met 7 times with the results, from our point of view, being 0:0 (1996), 1:0 (1997), 0:2 (1999), 2:0 (1999), 0:1 (2000), 3:1 (2006) and 1:1 (2021).

The High Tatras with its Gerlach peak (2,655 m above the sea level) is the highest mountain range in Slovakia and the highest in the whole of the Carpathians. At first glance it is almost indistinguishable from your Rila and yes, Musala is slightly higher at 2,925 m. You are better at this.

The first technical university in the world was the Mining Academy, founded in 1762 by Maria Theresa in Banská Štiavnica. By the way, it was created in the caldera of an extinct stratovolcano.

Clever people of your country invented digital watch, airbags or electronic computer for the humanity. Ours invented parachute (Štefan Banič), heat pump (Aurel Stodola), radio (Jozef Murgaš) or helicopter (Ján Bahýľ)

It is said that Mastika is the most popular drink in Bulgaria. We have something similar and we call it Borovička. It is a fruit distillate made from the ripe fruit of juniper tree. It has a typical taste and aroma of juniper. Just for your information, the international juniper brandy day is celebrated annually on June 24th.

We know you love wine and you can be rightly proud of your red spicy Mavrud. However, you should know that even in Slovakia we can make excellent wine of great quality. You can try it directly at our booth.